• Promoted sales through direct, dealer, OEM and partner channels
  • Expanded key and OEM accounts up to ten fold
  • Specified and released more than 15 products including products, software, systems and services
  • Managed personnel: selecting, developing, skill building, and advancing
  • Lead and managed productive and balanced marketing and sales organizations
  • Participated in executive teams to build company's core capabilities
  • Developed and executed complex marketing plans and sales channels
  • Authored or assisted with many complex business plans and market studies
  • Developed strategies, tactics and metrics
  • Completed business degrees to the MBA level

    Products and technology history (marketing, sales or technical involvement)

    AudioIMS digital audio editor (Studer, Dyaxis)
     Public address, intercom and ground alert networks
    Automation  Tektronix automated test systems
     XYZ positioning tables, controllers and positioning software
     Advanced Liquid Handling fluid pumps and valves
    ComputerComputer Modules PC add‑in functional modules
    andMini (server) systems
    NetworkXerox Ethernet LAN
     IBM channel interfacing
     Andrew T1 communications
    ChemistryUvexs photopolymers (inks, adhesives, coatings, and potting)
     Colorep color dye sublimation toner
    DisplaysVarian image intensifier tubes (Starlight Scope)
     Tektronix storage and video monitors
     AD2000 large screen laser projector
     Lightouch large screen display, D size, for CAD
    GraphicsVersatec electrostatic printer (film and color)
    PrintersSeiko Instruments color thermal transfer printer
     Bull Peripherals magnetographic printer
     Oce' Graphics direct thermal printer
     Phoenix Precision Graphics color printer
    RadioUHF, VHF, Single Side Band (Collins)
    SportsBee Ball professional pitching machine
    VideoWeather closed circuit TV
     Seiko Instruments video interface and video multiplexer

    Office Tools

    Word, Excel, FileMaker, Access, Maximizer, Zoho,, Front Page, Expression Web (this site), Photo Shop, Illustrator, Frame Maker, Power Point, Quick Books, and more ...